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God of War Update 1.13 Notes

This page covers update and patch notes for God of War.

Future Patches:

Sony Santa Monica said Version 1.13 comes with “bug fixes and improvements.”

Some people on Reddit have noted the update “messed up” their save files.

Increased text size in for some menu and UI. “Hey there. We just released a new patch that focuses on text for map, goals, codex and the resources tab of the UI menus” – Sony Tweet.

  • Shows speaker names in front of subtitles for additional context
  • Added additional HUD Settings to toggle Combat HUD, Boss Health Bars, and Gameplay Notifications ON or OFF
  • Added third option (in addition to ON or OFF) on certain HUD Settings to quickly bring the selected option up on touch of the Touchpad

  • Added settings options to favor performance (increased framerate) or favor resolution (2160p Checkerboard) when playing on a PlayStation®4 Pro system
  • To find this mode, go to the Settings menu, click Camera, and navigate to Graphics Mode
  • Added Immersive UI Mode which shows minimal HUD
  • To find this mode, go to the Settings menu and click HUD and switch HUD Mode to Immersive
  • Added 3 additional HUD Settings to toggle the Compass, Enemy Health Bars, and Enemy Off-Screen Indicators ON or OFF
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

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