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Death Stranding: 12 Things To Watch and Read While You're Waiting

In Hideo Kojima’s Twitter bio, he claims 70% of his body is made of movies. Presumably, the other 30% is comprised of other types of popular culture (and maybe some nanomachines.)

Compared to the Metal Gear series, which proudly wore its Hollywood action movie influences on its sleeve, his upcoming game Death Stranding seems wholly alien and unfamiliar.

After obsessively scrubbing through Death Stranding’s cryptic trailers, though, certain themes start to become apparent. The same could be said about staring at a Rorschach test too long, but in some cases, Kojima’s own social media acts as a paper trail to support our theories.

Whether you’re looking for clues to Death Stranding’s inevitably convoluted plot, or just trying to keep yourself entertained until Kojima’s latest masterpiece finally comes out, here are some recommendations.

Breaking Bad


Kojima’s such a fan of Breaking Bad that he’s said in interviews he was “depressed” that he didn’t think of it. But what does a show about a science teacher cooking meth have to do with Death Stranding? Chemistry, specifically the scientific principle of chirality.

Walter White explains chirality in Breaking Bad’s second episode:

“Just as your left hand and your right hand are mirror images of one another, identical and yet opposite, so, too, organic compounds can exist as mirror-image forms of one another all the way down at the molecular level.”