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Dead Cells: How to Find All The Gardener's Keys

Even in the randomized nature of Dead Cells, there are still secrets to uncover that will appear no matter how your run looks.

In the Promenade of the Condemned Area, you may stumble across a large building with three locked doors leading to a Blueprint. In order to gain access, you will need to find not one, but three Gardener’s Keys that are scattered about the area. Each of them look like a large red rose, and can be collected once you uncover their secret area.

The locations of these keys are randomized, but how they look and the way in which they are hidden will always remain the same – which you can use to your advantage. Note that you will need certain Runes to unlock some of these keys, so you may not be able to get them at first glance. See below for how to find all three Keys.

Video Guide: How to Find All Gardener’s Keys

Along the Promenade of the Condemned, look for a tall tower among the buildings. This tower has a high interior with no platforms to speak of except at the very top – where the Gardener’s Key is located.

In order to access this tower, you will need the Spider Rune – which can be gained by defeating the Caster in a random room in the Slumbering Sanctuary Area. This allows you to climb walls and wall-jump your way to the top.

When traveling along the ground floor of the Promenade, you may spot crumbling weak floors. If you use the Ram Rune – gained by defeating the Slasher in a room in The Ossuary Area – you can do a Ground Pound to break the weak floor where an orange symbol is.

While there may be more than one of these undergrounds pits, one of them will hide the Gardener’s Key.

A most unusual hiding spot, you’ll need to look very carefully to find this last of the Gardener’s Key.

It’s recommended you clear out as many enemies you can, and then start slowly examining the background art along the ground. Amid the vines, bushes, and flowers, there is a chance to spot a darkened rose flower blooming into the background. It’s easily missed as it can blend in well among the art – but if you use the Ram Rune to ground pound here, some text will pop up in surprise. Keep pounding three times to dislodge the final Gardeners’ Key.

Your reward is the Explosive Crossbow Blueprint – one of the most powerful weapons in the game, but costs a good amount of Cells!

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