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Cnct IntelliPlug review – CNET

Connected plugs might be the building blocks of a smart home, but they can also be really annoying with their blocky design getting in the way of other outlets. Now a new smart plug is on the market, the Cnct IntelliPlug, and it’s setting the standard for the smart plug industry.

The Cnct IntelliPlug is a Wi-Fi enabled smart plug (meaning it connects directly to your phone), with an unobtrusive design, easy setup and an extremely low $20 price tag. The Cnct (pronounced “connect”) works with the Amazon Echo
($139.99 at Amazon.com) line for voice control, and includes a countdown timer, scheduling functions and remote control. While it doesn’t boast the rich features of pricier devices, the Cnct IntelliPlug is the best affordable plug you’ll find right now.


Chris Monroe/CNET

Here’s a breakdown of the features the Cnct IntelliPlug has:

  • Wi-Fi connection (meaning no hub required)
  • Voice control (Alexa only)
  • Countdown timer
  • Scheduling feature
  • Remote control
  • Smart charging (the plug will automatically turn off once your plugged-in phone is fully charged)

The IntelliPlug doesn’t have:


Chris Monroe/CNET

The feature that really stands out on the IntelliPlug is the countdown timer, which a surprising number of smart plugs don’t include. The timer allows a little more flexibility than simple scheduling, as you can set a function to run, say, 10 minutes from now, and to stop 30 minutes after that — all without having to check the time of day at all.

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