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Cisco launches IoT platform, partners with Microsoft Azure

Cisco launched an Internet of Things (IoT) platform aimed at making deployments easier and partnered with Microsoft Azure to better connect edge devices.

The networking giant outlined its new platform, dubbed the Cisco IoT Operations Platform, at the company’s IoT World Forum in London.

The tech revolution is spreading to every corner of the earth with the Internet of Things, and it’s enabling data analytics and automation in ways never before imagined in business.

Rowan Trollope, general manager of Cisco’s IoT and applications unit, outlined the effort in a blog post. The Cisco IoT Operations Platform includes tools to mange connections at scale via the company’s technologies and industry partners.

Fog computing is another feature that will be included into the platform along with data collection tools from edge systems. Cisco also outlined threat detection technologies to bolster security.

What’s driving Cisco’s platform is a survey that found that 40 percent of IoT deployments made it past the pilot stage, but only 26 percent of them were deemed successful by business leaders.

As for the Microsoft partnership, the software giant said that it will partner with Cisco to connect its Azure IoT Suite to Cisco’s IoT platform and be interoperable.

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