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Check Out These Fallout And Bioshock Statues Coming Soon

Toyark is reporting that statues of Fallout’s T-60 Power Armor and Bioshock’s Big Daddy (with, of course, a Little Sister) are soon coming out to customers on September 22 for the Power Armor and 2018 for the Big Daddy.

The Power Armor measures 9″ tall on its base and weighs a surprisingly light 1.3 lbs. The statues itself was modeled using the 3D models from the games to ensure no details were lost in the conversion.

The Big Daddy statue tall at 12.5″ and contains 35 points of articulation, so you can pose Rapture’s misguided guardian alongside his ADAM collector in almost any way you see fit.

The Bioshock statue will run you $280, but the Fallout Power Armor can be found for $40 at ThinkGeek or Bethesda’s store. Check out the pictures below and click the links above for more.

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