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Facebook patents tech to determine social class

Facebook’s patent plan for “Socioeconomic Group Classification Based on User Features” uses different data sources and qualifiers to determine whether a user is “working class,” “middle class,” or “upper class.” It uses things like a user’s home ownership status, education, number of gadgets owned, and how much they use the ...

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The Morning After: Falcon Heavy away

Watch this video with your sound turned on.SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon Heavy rocket After a brief delay, the most powerful rocket in the world launched yesterday afternoon. While the Falcon Heavy’s top portion (complete with Space Oddity-playing Tesla Roadster and Starman aboard) is proceeding on a path that will ...

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DJI Mavic Air review

In late January, DJI pulled the curtain back on yet another addition to its growing fleet of drones. The Mavic Air, as it’s called, is a smaller, lighter, and smarter version of the company’s widely-lauded Mavic Pro. On paper, the two drones look extremely similar — but which one is ...

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So you bought a smartwatch. Now what?

Basic setup This part you probably already know. Turn on your watch, pair it with your phone and follow the onscreen instructions. If you’re setting up an Android Wear device, check to see if the company that made it, like Michael Kors or Huawei or ASUS, has its own app. ...

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