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The Morning After: Tesla made a surfboard

The Duffer Brothers are taking their time to get things right.Netflix won’t premiere ‘Stranger Things’ season 3 until summer 2019 That season three teaser is all you’re getting for now. Netflix exec Cindy Holland has revealed that the third installment of the Duffer Brothers’ show is launching sometime in summer ...

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Belle Haven & Friendly Acres Over 13s Youth Club Newsletter

[Sponsor message] [Sponsor message] [Sponsor message] Hey KIDS! [Sponsor message] [Boztank pls insert ‘hey kids’ GIF here] [Sponsor message] Exciting News! First up: Exciting news! We’re going to be migrating the Club Newsletter to a new format from next month that will be delivered in person! In virtual reality! This ...

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Magic Leap offers a sneak peek at its mixed reality OS

Other images show the platform’s gallery and avatar system, both of which take on a flat, 2D look. Magic Leap apparently calls those types of apps “landscape apps,” and you’ll be able to run several at once. The three-dimensional applications with elements that can interact with your environment, on the ...

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The best electric skateboards

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: humanity is living in the golden age of rideable technology right now. Over the past few years, electric motors have become smaller and more powerful, while batteries have become more power dense and accessible — two trends that have coalesced and ...

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Adorable VR game 'Moss' now supports Windows Mixed Reality

In addition to the great Moss Soundtrack news, @polyarcgames is excited to announce that with today’s Moss update, we’re now supporting the @Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Now Moss can be played on all four major VR platforms. #Moss #WindowsHMD #Dell pic.twitter.com/Nm5AyTCY9Y — Moss now on Rift | Vive | PSVR ...

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Amazing future transports promise to supercharge our commutes

You can keep your Teslas, your McLarens, and your Aston Martins (we’ll take them if you’re dead set on getting rid of them, of course!). Here in 2018, the ambition, scale, and adrenalin-pumping excitement of the most cutting-edge transport options put even the most drool-worthy vehicles to shame. Without further ...

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