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After Math: Starting up, shutting down

While the tech industry focused on all of the new shinies Google unveiled on Wednesday, the rest of the world turned. The Supreme Court shut down Kim Dotcom's attempts to get his millions back, Toys R Us made a last ditch effort to save itself from o… Source link

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Remember GeoCities? 9 tech titans that fell from grace

Whether you’re talking about Facebook, Google or Apple, there’s no doubt that Silicon Valley is capable of producing some big winners. It’s also capable of producing plenty of companies you’ll never hear about, which fizzle out without ever making much of an impact — or a return for their investors. ...

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luvinsummer16Contributing Writer The news of AIM’s demise initially brought on a moment of nostalgia and a twinge of sadness. But those feelings were quickly replaced with sheer relief that the embarrassing garbage I used to post as away messages would officially be wiped from the web. We all did it, ...

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