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Plasticine circuits show how today's tech is tomorrow's art

Adam Scrimshire and Dave Koor, the pair behind Modified Man, create electronic music with jazz/funk/soul influences by marrying vintage instruments and live performance. “By surrounding themselves in tapes, synths, microphones and reverb boxes, they’ve sought not to wallow in nostalgia, but to grab some physical, real energy from solid objects,” ...

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The best SSDs

Who this is for Buying an SSD is a great way to upgrade almost any one- to five-year-old computer that has a traditional hard drive. SSDs are much faster than hard drives at everything from booting to loading games to opening and switching between apps, and today’s SSDs are larger, ...

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Jeff Bezos details his moon colony ambitions

Jeff Bezos has big plans for the moon, if he can just get there. With a little elbow grease our trusty satellite could become a platform from which to build out the space industry — and while a partnership with NASA, the ESA and others would be best, Blue Origin ...

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VTOL drone can evacuate wounded soldiers and disaster victims, deliver cargo

Evacuation by drone could soon appear on the readiness checklists of rescue and first responder groups worldwide. Tactical Robotics’ Cormorant ratchets up the potential for drone deployment for a wide range of military, industrial, and civilian applications. The unmanned Cormorant is a compact, single-engine Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. Internal lift ...

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