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After Math: Stage 4 capitalism

It's been another fun-filled week of plebes like us being crushed under the heel of big business. Want to take a trip into orbit? You're gonna need to mortgage your house and your children's futures. Want to own the last decent MacBook Pro? Tough, Ap… Source link

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3D printed guns are now legal… What’s next?

More posts by this contributor How President Trump could abuse big data and the surveillance state How Intel missed the iPhone revolution On Tuesday, July 10, the DOJ announced a landmark settlement with Austin-based Defense Distributed, a controversial startup led by a young, charismatic anarchist whom Wired once named one ...

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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Quieter keyboard, ‘Hey Siri’ and True Tone.MacBook Pro 2018 hands-on We’ll post a full review next week (and, ya know, spend the weekend indoors putting this thing through its paces). For now, here’s a first look at some of the more noticeable differences. But first…iFixit finds a ‘cover-up’ inside new ...

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Disney tech smooths out bad CG hair days

Disney is unequivocally the world’s leader in 3D simulations of hair — something of a niche talent in a way, but useful if you make movies like Tangled, where hair is basically the main character. A new bit of research from the company makes it easier for animators to have ...

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Chrome OS on a tablet doesn't make a lot of sense

Multitasking Booting up the Chromebook Tab 10 feels familiar. There’s a quick setup process that involves getting the tablet on a WiFi network and signing in with a Google account. Since I’ve used other Chromebooks, the Tab 10 pulled in all the apps I’ve pinned to my shelf and downloaded ...

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