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Richard Branson and Virgin join forces with Hyperloop One

The strength of the Virgin brand, coupled with the speed at which Hyperloop One has developed its prototype, augurs well for the future of travel. Branson is a brand-name CEO with deep connections all across the world, which should reduce political resistance to an upstart business. It’s not clear just ...

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Kamigami is a cute robot bug you build yourself

The basic design of each Kamigami robot is based on company founders Nick Kohut and Andrew Gillies’ academic work in biomimicry, which involved building machines that could walk like insects. When fully assembled, each Kamigami has six legs like a real bug, with three of the feet facing forward and ...

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The Morning After: Tuesday, October 10th 2017

A modding tool for adding emulated games supports Nintendo’s mini-console.Nintendo’s mini SNES has already been cracked to run more games It appears that Nintendo really doesn’t mind modders cracking open its little retro consoles and using them for more than they were originally intended. Back when the NES Classic Edition ...

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