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'The Lost Legacy' takes 'Uncharted' back to basics

Chloe and Nadine The Lost Legacy will, however, continue the studio’s trend toward deeper and more complex character portrayals. The slower, low-key moments from Uncharted 4 will return, giving the player time to learn and think about the lives of Chloe and Nadine. “We try to see what these sorts ...

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Workwell wants to make your corporate intranet suck less

If you’ve been working for a large company, chances are that your intranet sucks. It takes too much time to find the right information, it’s not tailored for mobile and it doesn’t integrate well with the services you actually use. French startup Workwell is a mobile intranet that you’ll actually ...

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Europe mostly ends mobile roaming fees from today

Europeans traveling through the 28 Member State bloc are now able to use their mobile devices more freely, thanks to a top level abolition of mobile roaming charges across the region. In a joint statement yesterday from the Commission, European parliament and Council, the move is described as “a concrete, positive result ...

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