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Facebook knows it must do more to fight bad actors

It’s no secret that Facebook (along with other social media giants) are under the microscope of governments all around the world, as their platforms continue to be used to promote hateful, abusive and dividing content. Fishman said that while Facebook is now being more transparent about these issues, and also ...

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Warby Parker raises $75 million more for trendy glasses

Glasses have been en vogue for several years and with celebrities donning them on the Oscar’s red carpet, it doesn’t seem like the trend is about to fade away. One company that’s benefitted from and also contributed to the glasses craze is Warby Parker, which is getting another $75 million, led ...

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Witnessing the Church of Elon Musk

Minutes later, and the easy listening instrumental track being piped through the theater died down. A whoop from somewhere in the venue sparked some excited chatter. A journalist sitting in front of me asked her neighbor “Is that him at the side there?” (It wasn’t.) Someone started chanting “Elon, Elon, ...

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VCs have discovered the Midwest

The Midwest is back! At least, that’s the conclusion from a group of venture capitalists who went on a multi-day bus tour through the region recently. As Kevin Roose wrote in the New York Times this week, “The trip, which took place on a luxury bus outfitted with a supply ...

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