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Adorable VR game 'Moss' now supports Windows Mixed Reality

In addition to the great Moss Soundtrack news, @polyarcgames is excited to announce that with today’s Moss update, we’re now supporting the @Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Now Moss can be played on all four major VR platforms. #Moss #WindowsHMD #Dell pic.twitter.com/Nm5AyTCY9Y — Moss now on Rift | Vive | PSVR ...

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Amazing future transports promise to supercharge our commutes

You can keep your Teslas, your McLarens, and your Aston Martins (we’ll take them if you’re dead set on getting rid of them, of course!). Here in 2018, the ambition, scale, and adrenalin-pumping excitement of the most cutting-edge transport options put even the most drool-worthy vehicles to shame. Without further ...

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This DIY wearable lets you see the world like a dolphin does

As one of its most notable applications, Lidar technology is most commonly associated with self-driving cars. Engineer Andrew Thaler had a different use in mind: Creating a Lidar-powered wearable device that lets you experience life the way a dolphin would. Called DolphinView, the head-mounted display fuses Lidar technology with the ...

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Ada Lovelace manuscript and algorithm fetch $125,000 at auction

Lovelace was the daughter of Lord Byron and her interest and aptitude for mathematics led to a years-long friendship and intellectual partnership with inventor Charles Babbage. “Until recently, her story of mathematical excellence was a lesser known one,” author Kate Pankhurst told the Guardian. “So it’s a thrill to see ...

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Tesla asking suppliers for money back is a risky move

According to the The Wall Street Journal, it’s unheard of for an automotive manufacturer to basically ask for money back after the fact. But Tesla asked. In fact, it says it asked fewer than 10 suppliers for a price reduction that’s retroactive. When asked about the news, Tesla sent Engadget ...

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