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Is the Australian bee the key to better outdoor gear?

Courtesy of Louise Docker via Flickr Over the past few years there has been a significant push within the outdoor industry to design products that are better for the environment without sacrificing performance. Some companies, like Columbia Sportswear and Jack Wolfskin, have taken to using recycled fabrics, while also looking for ...

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RIP, 'Pro Evolution Soccer'

I have a mild obsession with FIFA video games, largely because I like playing with official teams and players rather than fictional ones. But, I always gave Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) a chance. Two years ago, I even wrote that Konami's title was actu… Source link

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Facebook’s new AI research is a real eye-opener

There are plenty of ways to manipulate photos to make you look better, remove red eye or lens flare, and so on. But so far the blink has proven a tenacious opponent of good snapshots. That may change with research from Facebook that replaces closed eyes with open ones in ...

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Here’s who’s going to win the World Cup, according to A.I.

Robots aren’t playing professional soccer just yet, but they can certainly help predict it! With the FIFA World Cup kicking off, San Francisco-based tech firm Unanimous A.I. has used its considerable artificial intelligence expertise to predict the outcome of the 32-team men’s soccer tournament. Given that the startup has previously ...

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A tech entrepreneur prepares for prison

Calling Lundgren an optimist would be an understatement. Yet the 33-year-old millionaire founder of several technology-recycling and -repair companies has spoken this way ever since April, when the slim prospect of 15 months in prison became an immovable reality. The specifics of the case have been litigated thoroughly, both in ...

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Teaching computers to plan for the future

As humans, we’ve gotten pretty good at shaping the world around us. We can choose the molecular design of our fruits and vegetables, travel faster and further and stave off life threatening diseases with personalized medical care. However, what continues to elude our molding grasp is the airy notion of ...

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