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Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer review

Research Center: Dr. Dabber Switch Ever since we started reviewing cannabis vaporizers and pens here on Digital Trends, we’ve seen devices from a host of manufacturers come through our doors. Some are stalwarts of the industry like Pax, Grenco, and Kandypens, while others are brand new such as Prohibited and Cloudious9. But ...

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The best home weather stations you can buy

Home weather stations are one of those gadgets that you didn’t know you need until you own one. While they have only recently become popular, these devices have been around forever — at least one company has been producing personal weather stations for the better part of three decades, and ...

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June returns with a cheaper smart oven for lazy cooks

In the past two years, the company has been busy adding even more features to the June Oven platform. Last July, it added a “slow cook” mode. In October, June launched a digital cookbook with a constantly updated library of more than 100 recipes, complete with step-by-step video guidance (but ...

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