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3 habits of successful language learners

Masato Hagiwara Crunch Network Contributor Masato Hagiwara is a research scientist and engineer at Duolingo. Dr. Hagiwara holds a PhD from Nagoya University, and his research interests include Japanese and Chinese language processing, machine translation and language education. He speaks Japanese, Chinese and English fluently. Burr Settles Crunch Network Contributor ...

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Smart garbage can turns trash into a game

Sencity is part of a cohort of startups out of Urban-X, a Brooklyn-based accelerator focused on improving the livability of cities like New York. This means companies focused on issues near and dear to city dwellers, like transportation and utilities. Street furniture is a big part of the urban landscape, ...

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Meet the tiny phone company that’s making modularity sustainable

With retro phone brands Nokia and Blackberry remerging at Mobile World Congress this year you’d be forgiven for thinking Mistress Fortune was up to her old wheel-spinning tricks again. And as old tech becomes tech news again, it’s a sign — say some — that smartphone innovation is on the scrap heap. But a commoditized ...

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Could roses help solve our big battery problem?

Why it matters to you Everyone’s on the lookout for alternatives to battery power. Scientists in Sweden think they may have found a potentially great, albeit unusual, one. A rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but could it store and release electrical energy? And if it could, ...

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The Border Patrol can take your password. Now what?

While traveling inside the US border, it’s important to know that the TSA isn’t supposed to confiscate laptops, search digital devices, or demand passwords. The agency’s site states, “Should anyone at a TSA checkpoint attempt to confiscate your laptop or gain your passwords or other information, please ask to see ...

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