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Live from Apple's WWDC 2017 keynote!

Let's not play coy: When Apple puts on its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, we can always count on a few sure things. Why even bother asking if we're going to see new features for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS? Of course we are! This is a conve… Source link

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Cosmo Connected Review

Almost every car or truck driver who ever collided with a motorcycle typically retorts with, “I just didn’t see them.” Although this response irritates those on two-wheels, there’s no question motorcyclists (and bicyclists, for that matter) are harder to see than cars simply because they’re smaller. That’s where the Cosmo ...

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If hacking back becomes law, what could possibly go wrong?

Despite its endlessly lulzy acronym, Graves says he “looks forward to formally introducing ACDC” to the House of Representatives in the next few weeks. Hacking back sounds really awesome at first glance, and obviously, especially to lawmakers. The hacking back of “ACDC” in action would most likely happen just like ...

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Storage provider Tintri’s IPO filing shows mounting losses

Blue Apron wasn’t the only venture-backed business to announce its IPO this week. Tintri, an enterprise cloud platform company, unveiled its filing.  The stock market is doing well and there’s been a strong appetite for tech offerings, so it’s a good time to go public.  But Tintri’s mounting losses could ...

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