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MIT combines several vaccines in a single injection

To create the cups, they first had to make an array of silicon molds using a process called photolithography. Each large array can create about 2,000 cups, which are then filled with doses of vaccination using a custom-made dispensing system. Finally, they put a lid over each cup and apply ...

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How Bodega typifies Silicon Valley’s cultural ignorance

It’s almost like someone said “Siri, show me why everyone hates and fears the things wearing human suits known as techies.” Piles of money for trivial garbage Bodega isn’t just an offensive idea, it’s an idea so bad and obviously worthless it’s maddening. Part of the visceral backlash was directed ...

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A lawsuit almost stalled NASA's Cassini mission

The Cassini mission, named after the 17th century Italian-French astronomer Jean-Dominique Cassini, marks the end of an era for NASA. It is likely the final “flagship-class” mission (those costing more than $1 billion) fielded by the space agency, if NASA Administrator Charles Bolden’s claims from 2013 are still accurate. Other ...

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