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Apple Pay's new lure: A $5 gift card – CNET

Haven’t used Apple Pay yet? Try it at your local Apple Store, and you’ll get $5 or £5 in credit. Apple Sign up for Apple Pay at an Apple Store, and you’ll get a $5 or £5 gift card for your effort. The promotion, which started this week, works as ...

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Would you buy an iPhone if Apple doubled the price?

Image: David Gewirtz’ dark and disturbing nightmares At $651, the average price of an iPhone is well above the worldwide $208 average cost of an Android smartphone. Last year, my wife and I bought two top-of-the-line 128GB iPhone 6s Plus models, along with AppleCare. We knew what we were getting ...

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8 ways to improve iPhone battery life – CNET

Screenshot by Rick Broida Ask any iPhone owner for a wish-list of improvements and I guarantee “better battery life” will be at the top. It just seems like there’s never enough juice. That’s in part because we use our phones all day, and in part because batteries just wear out ...

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iPhone 7 preorders could start September 9 – CNET

The iPhone 7 could be up for preorder on September 9 and offer a redesigned home button. CNET Consumers eyeing the iPhone 7 may be able to preorder it starting Friday, September 9. No, Apple hasn’t announced anything. Rather, the purported preorder date was leaked in a tweet Wednesday night ...

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What wireless charging would mean to the iPhone

Apple has a long history of hanging back and embracing standards with a big splash. One example was USB, the now-ubiquitous connector that got off to a slow start before Apple began supporting it in the iMac. Another was Wi-Fi, a prevalent standard that once competed for consumer adoption with ...

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