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Google Home review: A promising step toward the future

When Amazon announced a tall, cylindrical speaker designed to listen for commands ranging from adding items to a shopping list to asking trivia questions, I scoffed at the idea. special feature Louisville and the Future of the Smart City Louisville, Kentucky is building a unique bridge between the smart city ...

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Apple is facing several big iPhone 7 problems

You could rename Apple “The iPhone Company” because the company’s fortunes are tied to the success of this product. Problem is, the iPhone isn’t selling as well as it once was, and the iPhone 7 might not be able to drag the company back into revenue growth. See also: Apple ...

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Apple pushes out new bug fix for iOS 10

iOS 10.1.1 Six weeks after releasing iOS 10, and a week following the iOS 10.1 update, Apple is back with another bug fix for iPhone and iPad users. This latest update patches a number of bugs, including an issue where Health data could not be viewed for some users. iOS ...

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iPhone 8 rumors — a reality check

The iPhone 7 has been out for a few weeks, which means that it’s time for the iPhone 8 rumor mill to kick into high gear. Spearheading the latest batch of speculation (while simultaneously promoting an upcoming book) is tech pundit Robert Scoble. See also: Macs are up to $543 ...

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