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iPhone: What will the next 10 years bring?

Image: CNET The iPhone has come a long way since it was unveiled to the world a decade ago. The screen resolution has increased to the point where the individual pixels are no longer discernible to the eye. The processor and graphics chip have increased in performance to the point ...

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'Transparent' iPhone, patents, and fake news

Yesterday the internet was awash with claims that as a result of a new patent awarded to Apple, the next iPhone will be transparent. I can only guess that these claims were made by people who just skimmed the patent before writing hyperbolic headlines. I actually took the time to ...

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Apple AirPods: The perfect commuter headset

Using Apple AirPods on a Sounder commuter train I’m sorry. I made fun of all of you with Apple AirPods sticking out of your ears and thought Apple made a ridiculous accessory that would only price gouge consumers when there are other Bluetooth headsets available for much less. It turns ...

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Android vs iOS: Which is best for business?

“I genuinely believe that if I was to give people a choice that the take-up would be 99 per cent in favour of Apple,” says CIO Matt Peers. Image: Google This week marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of Apple’s iPhone. During the past decade, the device and its ...

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