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Apple AirPods: The perfect commuter headset

Using Apple AirPods on a Sounder commuter train I’m sorry. I made fun of all of you with Apple AirPods sticking out of your ears and thought Apple made a ridiculous accessory that would only price gouge consumers when there are other Bluetooth headsets available for much less. It turns ...

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Android vs iOS: Which is best for business?

“I genuinely believe that if I was to give people a choice that the take-up would be 99 per cent in favour of Apple,” says CIO Matt Peers. Image: Google This week marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of Apple’s iPhone. During the past decade, the device and its ...

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Smartphones in 2016: What worked, what didn't

In 2016, we saw some phone manufacturers take big risks, trying to push the boundaries of what a smartphone should do, while other companies played it safe. LG and Lenovo each tried to create a modular ecosystem, while Google walked away from the idea altogether. Apple even got on board ...

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