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Never Played Shenmue II? Watch Us Play The First 20 Hours

Last year, over the course of four months, we played through Shenmue for the Dreamcast in its entirety. It was an experimental video series, with an undefined schedule that allowed us to take in all the feedback for each episode by reading and responding to comments in (almost) real time. ...

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How People Are Flying Using Magnesis in Zelda

This page will catalogue every cheat, secret, and exploit in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Use these to bypass tough puzzles and more. Reddit User Hot_Diggity_Damn discovered that while Magnesis does not work if you are standing on an object, a glitch allows you use the Magnesis ...

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Persona 5: How Many Colors and All Other School Quiz Answers

Persona 5 has you living the life of an ordinary student by day, which means you have to go to class, answer questions, and do exams. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared this cheat sheet of all the class questions and their answers. Answering questions correctly will increase your ...

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The Xbox One Scorpio is a six-teraflop gaming beast

Microsoft couldn’t wait until E3 in June to unveil the Scorpio, so the company shared some details with Digital Foundry and we now know all of Project Scorpio’s tech specs. As expected, it’s going to be by far the most powerful gaming console out there. The console GPU will be able to ...

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How to Solve The Ringed City's Toughest Puzzle

The “Show your humanity” puzzle can be found in the Ringed City Streets bonfire, in the room that can be found right after the shortcut has been opened. On the far side of the wall, you’ll find some statues and one broken statue with writing on the wall that states ...

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