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‘Star Trek Timelines’ game maker Disruptor Beam raises $8.5M

Disruptor Beam has raised another $8.5 million to turn some of the best-known entertainment franchises into mobile games. It released its first title, Game of Thrones Ascent, in 2013, with Star Trek Timelines following last year. (The latter offers a particularly novel approach to Star Trek, combining space combat with roleplaying elements ...

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What GTA Online May Tell Us About Red Dead Redemption 2

Several months removed from a short teaser trailer and a concise statement from Rockstar saying Red Dead Redemption 2 is “an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland,” we still have no concrete details about the game other than the fragments we salvaged from the early footage. As we ...

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Getting into Games: What Do Tools Programmers Do?

Share. Do you want to help make games for a living? This feature series explores some of the roles you may not have considered. By Dan Staines It’s easy to forget how much work goes into making a videogame, particularly the AAA kind. We tend to associate games with one ...

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Reader Discussion – What's Your Worst Gaming "Duh" Moment?

Getting stuck in games is common. Puzzles stump us, paths aren’t clear, bosses make us lose control of our bodily functions – it happens. But sometimes, you can feel like the biggest dope in the world for not “getting” something that seems obvious after you’ve figured it out or looked it ...

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