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Fortnite Battle Royale Meteor Theory Update

A comet overhead in Fortnite Battle Royale was first discovered March 20, 2018 by IGN. Here’s everything we know about the mysterious meteor so far. Update 4/17: The comet appears even closer. Scroll down to see the object as it appeared on previous dates. At first, it was speculated the thing in ...

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Join Our GI Game Club For God Of War

Every once in a while on The Game Informer Show podcast, we get the urge to dive in as deep as possible on a game and wring the experience for every interesting discussion to be had alongside our community. The release of God of War on the PlayStation 4 on April ...

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Super Replay – Killer7 Episode 7: Good Jokes

At the end of our Replay Civil War, it all came down to you to choose the next Super Replay! Our Overblood Facebook group ended up choosing two games through a tie: Killer7 and Godhand. You chose well. Killer7 is my favorite game of all time, for reasons I will fully elaborate ...

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How to Get Mega Man in Monster Hunter World

This page explains how to get the Mega Man collaboration items: the Mega Man Armor and Mega Man Palico Weapon that let you embody the 8 bit blue bomber himself. In order to get these, you must complete the following Event Quests: This is a rotating event available for both ...

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Homecoming Marks New Beginning For Gwent

Marcin Iwiński, the co-founder and joint CEO of CD Projekt Red, announced that they will spend the next six months focusing on Gwent Homecoming, a development cycle that will end the beta period for Gwent and move into a full-fledged launch. Along with two major updates planned for April and ...

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7 Tips For Completing Fortnite's Week 8 Challenges

Weekly challenges have been added to Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale and this page shows you how to complete and unlock all the Week 8 challenges. These challenges were released on April 12 and grant you 4000XP for completing them. Use one of the new vending machines. For those ...

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