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Destiny 2 Review in Progress – Updated and Scored

Share. With the campaign vanquished, we’re ready to give a tentative score. By Destin Legarie After a solid day and a half of Destiny 2 and streaming an unhealthy amount, I’ve now beaten the campaign and dipped a toe into the endgame content. Here’s what I’ve learned so far. Thankfully, ...

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PSA: You Can Read Overwatch's 'Wasted Land' Comic Now

Earlier this week we offered up a glimpse of the latest Overwatch comic, titled ‘Wasted Land.’ The comic follows Roadhog, Junkrat, and a few other characters as they deal with with some unfinished business in Junkertown, Ovewatch’s newest map. The full comic is now available to read on Blizzard’s site. ...

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What's New in Destiny 2?

This page catalogues the changes, updates and differences between the original Destiny and Destiny 2. Departing from the original loadout of a Primary, Secondary, and Heavy weapon, Destiny 2’s main weapons slots are now classified as Kinetic Weapons and Energy Weapons, while high-damage firearms are now classified as Power Weapons. ...

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Good games make good investments at Good Shepherd

Game development is a risky business — in the literal sense, that is. Hoping a title becomes a million-seller and justifies its staff and years of gestation often leads to the ruin of game studios and publishers. And that’s if the game ever even releases. But Good Shepherd has found ...

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Absolver: How to Unlock the Stagger Combat Style

This page contains information on the Stagger combat style in Absolver. The Stagger style is focused on confusing your opponent with your attacks. The style does little to improve vitality or strength, and instead focuses on the other stats. The defensive maneuvers of the stagger style are also attacks. Moving ...

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