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Pokemon Go: How to Get Pichu With Ash's Hat

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Pokemon Go’s launch, a small birthday event launched 1 PM July 6, and will run until July 24. This is separate from the live event, Pokemon Go Fest, in Chicago on July 22. During the Pokemon Go Anniversary Event, all Pikachu discovered in the wild ...

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Did You Know Gaming Talks Castlevania Trivia This Week

Hot on the heels of the new Castlevania Netflix series and an important revelation about the series fans uncovered, Did You Know Gaming delves into all things Castlevania this week. The video details how the name of the protagonist in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow came from a canceled Dreamcast Castlevania ...

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Zelda: 8 Essential Master Mode Tips to Survive

The Master Mode is a DLC Hard Mode, and part of The Master Trials DLC Expansion. This mode plays much like the regular version of Breath of the Wild, only things will become much more difficult. Enemies will be increased in rank (Where you would normally find Red Bokoblins, you’ll ...

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Elite Dangerous PS4 Review

Share. Space is big and empty, but there are spots of brilliant light to be found. By Joseph Bradford As I drop out of hyperspace flight, the whine of my engines resonating throughout the cockpit of my Cobra Mk III spacecraft as they screech to a halt, a Methane Dwarf ...

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