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The best tablets for kitchen use

Buy only the performance you need When you’re buying a tablet with a single purpose like the kitchen in mind, don’t worry about getting the fastest, most capacious tablet you can afford; you don’t need the latest hardware to read the ingredient list. Instead you’ll want something that has just ...

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Apple iPad (9.7-inch, 2018) review – CNET

Apple’s newest 2018 iPad is basically the 2017 model with a faster processor and support for the Apple Pencil, a pricey stylus that lets you draw on the screen with remarkable accuracy. It’s the same price as last year’s model, too, starting at $329, £319 or AU$469 for the 32GB ...

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JBL Link 500 review – CNET

One of the great things about both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control platforms is that they’re open. Unlike with Siri — which is only available in Apple-made devices — it’s easy for third-party companies to make compatible smart home devices that work with both of them. That ...

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DARPA wants new ideas for autonomous drone swarms

The Defense Department’s research wing is serious about putting drones into action, not just one by one but in coordinated swarms. The Offensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics program is kicking off its second “sprint,” a period of solicitation and rapid prototyping of systems based around a central theme. This spring sprint is ...

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After Math: This is a witch hunt

It was a dangerous week for some of the biggest names in technology as they they were forced to face off against these new things called "consequences" which have come about due to their ongoing "actions." It's all so very unfair. Ashley Madison is s… Source link

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Far Cry 5 review – CNET

For a while I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from Far Cry 5 or whether it was going to substantially differentiate itself from recent entries in the series. I attended a reveal for the game about a year ago in New York, where I was first introduced to its ...

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