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Goodbye Google+, you beautiful, squandered opportunity

So what the hell happened? 2011 was the year Steve Jobs died, Sony PlayStation suffered its epic hack (70 million; offline for weeks), Siri launched, Egypt shut off its internet, and Silicon Valley’s racism problem exploded into the public sphere. As I said, people were already fed up with Facebook. ...

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BoxLock secures your booty against porch pirates

This clever – if expensive – product is called the BoxLock and it is a keyless padlock that lets your package delivery person scan and drop off your packages into a locked box. The system essentially watches for a shipping event and then waits for the right barcode before opening. ...

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The Morning After: Razer Phone 2

Everybody awake?Soyuz spacecraft launch fails, astronauts land safely A booster rocket failed soon after the launch of Expedition 57 to the ISS, initiating a “ballistic descent” for the Soyuz module and both crew members inside. As of this writing, search-and-rescue teams have reached Alexei Ovchinin and Nick Haig, who are ...

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