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BUBM Travel Cable Bag, Ultra-compact Electronics Gadget Organiser Case for Data Cables, Chargers, Plugs, Memory Cards, CF Cards and More–a Sleeve Pouch Fits for iPad Mini (Medium, PU Leather)

Buy now £15.99 BUBM–Be Unique Be Myself Set Yourself Free Are you troubled about jumbled cables? Do you root around(or often tip out all your items) in the search for the right cable? BUBM Bags are perfect to store your electronics accessories without searching all over the place. Multi-Function: Cable ...

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Watch the Faraday Future FF91 set a Pikes Peak record

The word “production” is used pretty loosely here, as the car that raced to the clouds is a 1,050-horsepower beta prototype, and the FF91 hasn’t gone into commercial production yet. Driver and principal engineer Robin Shute said the car had some safety modifications, as well as smaller wheels and tires. ...

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Andy Rubin’s Playground Ventures is raising another $15M

Playground Ventures — the VC fund co-founded by Android inventor and former Google exec Andy Rubin that sits alongside an eponymous incubator/startup studio and is making some big bets in areas like artificial intelligence and new generations of hardware– is raising more money. A Form D filed with the SEC ...

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OnePlus 5's jelly scrolling possibly caused by upside-down screen

Regulars on the OnePlus subreddit originally guessed that the device’s screen wasn’t quite mounted the usual way after being able to replicate the jelly effect on other phones when they’re flipped. Sure enough, XDA found proof in the phone’s kernel source code instructing the display controller to compensate by 180 ...

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TCL P series Roku TV (2017) review – CNET

For years one feature has consistently propelled TVs to the upper levels of CNET’s Best LED LCDs list: local dimming. It allows the screen to dim and brighten in different areas independently, and TVs that have it almost always perform better than TVs that don’t. Of course, other aspects of ...

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Lock Pick Set 17 Pieces / Lock Picking Kit With 2 Training Locks, Lockpicking Key Extractor Tool + Transparent Exercise Padlocks+Brass Double Cylinder Lock for Locksmith and an eBook How-To Guide

Buy now £30.00 Have you ever wondered what is inside a lock? What’s the lock-picking and how is this discipline practised? With the whole lock-picking and the locks of training, you will be able to understand all the mechanisms of locks with pins, and finally, picking a lock by yourself. ...

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