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STLSTT Kitchen Onion Slicer Holder – 100% High-Quality & Food-Grade Stainless Steel Chopping Knife Gadget – Odor Remover – Heavy Duty Vegetable Chopper Slicer for Potato,Tomato, Meat Tenderizer – Great for Right or Left-Hand Users

Buy now £18.99 STLSTT,is our brand,focused on kitchen product by design. STLSTT Kitchen Onion Slicer Holder – Your Home Helper! From now on,it help you Make Vegetables & Fruits Chopper Slicer Easy! ✓ 100% High-quality & food-grade stainless steel. ✓ The oversized handle features non-slip and hold comfortable. The large ...

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Fly Gun

Buy now £2.60 Flygun – The smart way to kill flies and mosquitoes. Easy to use – just take aim and shoot. Kills flies without squashing them. Fancy becoming a sharp shooter? Always dreamt of becoming a member of SWAT? Well now you can in the comfort of your own ...

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NVIDIA's first Volta-powered GPU sits in a $149k supercomputer

The new Volta-powered deep-learning machine is a lot like it’s predecessor — staggeringly powerful, surprisingly compact and built specifically to train artificial intelligence — it’s just that the new DGX-1V is a lot more powerful. NVIDIA CEO and Founder Jensen Huang says the DGX-1V is powerful enough to replace 400 ...

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Menkind Air Powerd Engine Car Build It Yourself Kit

Buy now £16.95 This awesome set lets you build your very own eco-friendly car at home. Using the power of compressed air this kit gives you everything you need to construct an amazing little racer which can travel up to 50 metres in just 35 seconds! A fantastic DIY kit ...

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Apple iPhone SE review – CNET

My wife needs a new phone. She’s used a 2011-era iPhone 4S for years, and it’s hanging in there — barely. The battery is slowly getting worse. Browsing speeds are sluggish. She can’t upgrade to iOS 10 or anything later. But, she doesn’t want to replace it with something expensive. ...

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US Marines test glider drones that drop supplies to troops

Logistics Glider sought help from the University of California to develop the glider’s autonomous brain, which takes over as soon as it’s dropped from its carrier aircraft. Upon accomplishing its mission, the drone’s wings and tail automatically snap off when it lands on the ground, perhaps to prevent enemies from ...

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