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Trump's quiet war on data begins

To be clear, President Trump can not personally go out and delete decades worth of information. The census continues to exist, and if you know where to look you can peruse data about demographics and population density to your heart’s content. Instead, the administration seems focused on two avenues of ...

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KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker Release Date, Price and Specs

Competition among cold coffee products is heating up just in time for summer. KitchenAid has entered the arena with its new $130 Cold Brew Coffee Maker. What sets the gadget apart from similar devices is that it’s constructed from premium glass and steel materials instead of basic plastic. Also thoughtful ...

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Amazon can judge your daily outfit choices

The company knows that the fact that you have to upload photos could deter you from using the feature, especially if you have privacy concerns. It says only Amazon staff will be able to see them, and when you delete the images from the in-app experience, it will also remove ...

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Viewsonic PRO7827HD review – CNET

Viewsonic’s PRO7827HD packs in the features and conveniences, and its picture quality is very good, but not quite good enough to dethrone my favorite at the $800 point, BenQ’s HT2050. Despite one being black and the other white, the two are nearly identical. Both outperform cheaper units like the Optoma ...

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The best powerline networking kit

Who this is for A powerline networking kit is a great way to extend your home network to the distant reaches of your house using your existing electrical wiring. A powerline kit contains two adapters, each with at least one Ethernet port and an electrical plug. One adapter plugs into ...

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Samsung The Frame Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

Samsung Today’s TVs can look nice enough hanging on the wall, but nobody would mistake one for an actual painting. Until now. Samsung will soon begin selling TVs that try their damndest to mimic real art. Called The Frame, the new “TV” doesn’t fade to a lifeless slab of black ...

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