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Top 5 Chinese music apps in 2017

Last week, Spotify announced that it had reached 140 million monthly active users (MAU) worldwide. This number, however, fades in comparison to music streaming services in China: the most popular music app in China, KuGou, had almost double, according to a report by QuestMobile published in April 2017. What is interesting ...

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Chinese Government Demands Weibo Cease Streaming Video Services

Sina Weibo, the Chinese social media platform that counts 340 million monthly users, has been abruptly banned from showing video or live streaming services. The sudden order affects not only Weibo, but also Hong Kong-based Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd.’s Internet video services in China, and VC-backed firm Acfund, according to a report from ...

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Weibo’s Photoshop Hero: What You See Is Not What You Get

With over 1.4 million fans, @Kanahooo is Weibo’s photoshop star. She has gained extreme popularity by teaching people how to retouch photos through China’s many photoshop apps, and by turning regular people into supermodels. Kanahooo has ignited a photoshop fever on Chinese social media. Photos by Weibo photoshopper @kanahooo, a.k.a. ...

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Top 7 fitness apps in China

The fitness economy in China is on track for a boom with app creators running to take the lead. China’s sports and fitness market was worth $216 billion in 2016 and by 2015 it should exceed $725 billion, according to a report published by The Economist and sponsored by the ...

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Live from CES Asia 2017- 3 ways new technologies are saving lives

CES Asia wasn’t just about the latest gadgets and sleek new models from automakers. Three companies working on vitals monitoring, diagnosing cardiovascular disease and air quality monitoring explained how their innovation is improving our health and saving lives in a panel discussion focused on digital health. From second left to ...

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Ensuring security in an application and network environment

Malicious traffic could be infecting your systems this very moment… The intention behind encryption is a noble one, and IT industry giants around the world have been tightening their noose on hackers by utilizing the technology to protect data and personal privacy. In fact, current figures show that more than ...

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