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10 best privacy apps for Android

Privacy is a big deal these days. Facebook is all over the place with Congress and the whole Cambridge Analytica thing. People are more aware of their privacy (or lack thereof) than ever before. So lets break it down. Privacy apps do one of two things. They keep others from ...

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Google looks to give Chrome a fresh coat of Material Design paint

Google is testing a Material Design refresh in the latest Canary developer builds of Chrome. The redesign makes UI elements more rounded, though the changes are not significant. The rounded corners fall in line with Google’s potential redesigns for other apps. Google remains tight-lipped about its future design direction, but ...

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Android devices seen covertly sending location data to Google

An investigation by Quartz has revealed that Android devices send cell tower location data to Google even if the user has disabled location services for apps in their device settings. Quartz also said it observed location data being sent even if devices had been reset to factory default settings. Android devices ...

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