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BUBM Waterproof Double Layers Travel Gadget Organizer Case, Electronics Accessories Bag (Black)

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Universal Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer is designed to fit electronics .Keep your electronics accessories organized and easy to find.
Travel Organizer, lightweight nylon organization system contains so many loops, pockets, and pouches you can use it for your electronic devices, accessories and cords; your cosmetics and toiletries; small tools; school or office supplies; specialized work equipment. It provides a flexible organization solution for your electronics and computer accessories.
It helps make you better organized with all the small electronics items and gadgets. The travel organizer offers a secure storage space for cord management, laptop and computer accessories.
Great for minimalists who travel light, fits everything you need in one place. it used while at home, the office, or traveling. Designed to protect and safeguard your electronic gadgets – Save time on the go by easily storing and finding everything you need.
The travel pouch can be outfitted with a diverse range of tech, travel, and gaming accessories – Offers convenient access and security. Interior Offers Secure Storage Space and Prevents Scratches.
It is large enough to hold most of your accessories likes cables, adapters, chargers, memory cards, batteries, pen and styli, headphones, smartphone, gadgets or almost anything else you might need with you. Holds items firmly in place

Product Material: Made of heavy-duty, durable and waterproof nylon with well padded semi-flexible lining

Weight: 0.68lbs.

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