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Brightbugz Evolution

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Please note: we can’t offer a choice of colour. The colour of your bright bugz will be chosen at random.

Like pure magic on your fingertips, Bright Bugz Evolution have limitless opportunities to create incredible illusions to stupefy and amaze all your friends and family!

Bright Bugz are squeeze activated lights which sit on your fingertips. Throw the Bright Bugz between your hands, from finger to finger, between your body and even onto your phone!

The magic even continues to your smartphone, where the Evolution pack Holobeam transforms your device into an animated hologram using the specially designed pyramid.

This Bright Bugz Evolution magic set is the perfect gift for any child, aiding in the development of hand to eye coordination, improving presentation skills and building confidence as they play!


  1. Two Bright Bugz
  2. Four finger bands
  3. One Holobeam with suction cup
  4. Instructions

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