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Autos of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 (GALLERY 2)

Editor’s Note:
This is the second of two Autos of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 galleries – Autos GALLERY 1 is here. The other half of the show was also quite beautiful – the Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 are linked in that text just before this text. All images were shot on an Apple iPhone 7 Plus. 

This year’s Tokyo Auto Salon was…interesting.  

There were some really sweet demo cars on show, but there really wasn’t much that was actually new. Very few companies brought out anything particularly different in the overall looks department. By and large, it was more adaptations of the same slammed, negative camber and bolt-ons over fenders from years past.  

Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017


Smaller parts manufacturers, wheel manufacturers, and companies that did clever things with paint and lighting, however, did have some interesting wares on show. Considering the nature of modified cars, that’s really what is most important: giving the owner more options to make their ride their own.  

Tokyo Auto Salon 2017: Stance & Stilettos by iPhone 7 (VIDEO)  

As for my choice to shoot entirely on the iPhone 7 Plus?  

Under normal circumstances, would I deliberately leave a real camera behind for an event like this? No. Never. But in a pinch, one can definitely produce internet worthy images with the iPhone 7 Plus, and I think these images speak for themselves.  

I shot RAW through the Adobe Lightroom app and then edited them on a computer, which helped preserve as much information as the sensor could deliver. I did have to use an LED light whilst shooting, generally offset on the floor to add highlights and to help with the rather weak dynamic range of the iPhone camera.  

The biggest issues were focus and exposure, and the first day of shooting required a fair bit of trial and error to figure out exactly what the new iPhone’s limits were. When found, I was able to extract some very usable stills from it – enjoy those stills below.

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Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 (GALLERY 1)

Ladies of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 (GALLERY 2)

2017 Tokyo Auto Salon Main Video and Those of Years Past