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Vivo Xplay6 Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

Somewhere, somehow, someone in China working at Vivo had a really great idea. What if the company made a phone that took the best of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge and combined those qualities into an expensive $655 package? The answer is the Vivo Xplay6. The phone looks ...

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Farewell, NES Classic Edition

Nintendo had a bonafide – and apparent surprise – hit on its hands with the NES Classic Edition. But like all good things, its time is done. This afternoon, the company confirmed with TechCrunch that, “Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic ...

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SpotCam connects you to your home, outside and in

When it comes to home surveillance cams there are two kinds of cams – low-end, highly-motorized, wireless IP cams that are (typically) fairly insecure and higher-end cloud service systems like Dropcam that offer secure but more expensive cameras. SpotCam seems to land squarely in the middle with their SpotCam Sense ...

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Major internet lobbying group urges FCC to keep net neutrality rules

The Internet Association’s filing explicitly argues that net neutrality rules should be “enforced by the expert agency, namely the FCC.” A lobbying group representing major internet companies, including like Facebook, Google and Salesforce, is pushing back against the Trump administration’s plans to dismantle net neutrality. Members of the Internet Association ...

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