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Sitting Inside the Rolls-Royce 103EX Concept

I bonded with Giles Taylor, Rolls-Royce’s design director, because we both love Yves Saint Laurent. The brand, sure, but more than man behind the brand; that Christian Dior chose 21-year-old Yves Saint Laurent as his successor to run the fabulous Dior fashion house speaks volumes about YSL’s unparalleled talents. During ...

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Google Home review: A promising step toward the future

When Amazon announced a tall, cylindrical speaker designed to listen for commands ranging from adding items to a shopping list to asking trivia questions, I scoffed at the idea. special feature Louisville and the Future of the Smart City Louisville, Kentucky is building a unique bridge between the smart city ...

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Google and Blizzard team up on a StarCraft made just for AIs

AIs have more or less mastered chess, Go and a number of other highly cerebral games — how will they do on something like StarCraft II, which combines high-level strategy with the need for quick reaction times and tactical thinking? Probably great, honestly. And this collaboration between Google’s DeepMind and ...

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Facebook video pays off

Mark Zuckerberg’s drive to “put video first” is also putting money in Facebook’s pockets. The more organic videos Facebook users watch, the more high-priced video ads Facebook can slip into the feed. Now Facebook’s strategy around auto-play video, paying Live content producers and offering more creative tools is helping to propel ...

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How Yo inspired the Jonas Brothers to create apps

Remember that silly app, Yo, where you could ping someone with just a tap? Well, Kevin Jonas does. At the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York, the Jonas brothers talked about why they are creating apps. After seeing the Yo app raise over $1 million in funding, Kevin said ...

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