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Tech-Tool Pen

Buy now £7.78 The pen that does more than just write! You would be wrong in assuming that this is your average Joe pen – it’s much more than that.

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Facebook Messenger’s AI ‘M’ suggests features to use based on your convos

Write “You owe me $20” and Messenger will suggest you use its payments feature. If someone says “goodbye,” Messenger will recommend a “bye-bye” GIF. That’s how Facebook’s new M Suggestions work. Facebook’s artificial intelligence assistant will privately interject these recommendations above the redesigned one-line message composer in your Messenger conversations, ...

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Ideal Products Toilet light for any type of toilet. Activated with a movement sensor and 8 different colors to choose with the touch of a button -makes the toilet prettier and fits any decoration style- it avoids glaring lights at night and it prevents accidents.

Buy now £19.79 LIGHTBOWL transforms any type of toilet with a nice night light. It beautifies the toilet and makes it suit a certain décor by simply selecting one of the 8 colors with a simple touch. No more waking up to glaring lights in the middle of the night, ...

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How I made my own VPN server in 15 minutes

People are (rightfully) freaking out about their privacy as both Senate and Congress voted to let internet providers share your private data with advertisers. While it’s important to protect your privacy, it doesn’t mean that you should sign up to a VPN service and tunnel all your internet traffic through ...

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