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Google is shutting down Spaces

Google's oh-so-brief Spaces experiment didn't even last a year before the company decided to shut it down. According to a note from the Spaces team today, they've made a "tough decision" and the group-sharing social network will lock down in read-onl… Source link

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Any headphones can be Bluetooth headphones with Jack

When Apple decided to strip its flagship phones of the headphone jack, certain people were angry. Those relying on the headphone jack for non-music things were grumpy, but so were those of us who had recently dropped hundreds of dollars on new, high-end headphones. Jack — a Kickstarter campaign in ...

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It's the end of SHA-1 and I feel fine

When the National Security Agency (NSA) introduced Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1) in 2002 as an approved cryptographic security algorithm it was practically unbreakable. That was a long, long time ago. True, SHA-1 security has been broken, but then we’ve been planning on it being busted for years now. Getty ...

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