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US Army looking to resupply troops via mortar bombardment

The proposed system, dubbed the Ammunition Resupply Projectile (ARP), uses a standard mortar round that’s had its explosive payload removed. Instead, that cavity can be packed with up to 150 5.56-millimeter rounds, surveillance equipment — even submunitions to target enemy forces. Once the round hits the apex of its flight, ...

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Why Apple is bringing the iPhone 6 back from the dead

This is nothing new for Apple. A few years back, Apple stopped selling the iPhone 4s in the US and Europe, but it carried on offering it in selected territories such as India. (Image: Hale Erguvenc, Getty Images) Thought that the iPhone 6 was long dead and buried? Think again. ...

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Steven Universe RPG Coming to PS4 This Year

Share. Written for fans and newcomers to the show. By Chloi Rad Steven Universe is getting its own RPG called Save the Light, from Steven Universe co-creator Rebecca Sugar, Grumpyface Studios, and Cartoon Network. It’s set to launch on PlayStation 4 later this year. A sequel to the fantasy adventure ...

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Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT review – CNET

The Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT is more of a statement than a practical storage device. For the first time, a thumb drive — a little storage device you normally get for a few bucks and plug directly into your computer — has more storage space than most computers and costs ...

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