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Oxygen Not Included: How to Fix Blocked Pipes

Blocked Pipes are a common occurrence in Oxygen Not Included that can be easily remedied as long as you know what issues to look for. This article will cover the common causes of blocked pipes and how you can fix them. The first step to preventing blocked pipes is setting ...

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LG Gram 15 (2017) review – CNET

With ultraportables, you typically sacrifice screen size to shave something off from the overall size and weight. But as LG showed us with its 13.3-inch Gram laptop, it’s possible to get a larger screen into a smaller and remarkably lightweight body, and still get solid everyday performance and battery life.  ...

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Sega adds Virtua Tennis Challenge to its free mobile game lineup

Sega’s making good on its promise to continue adding titles to its Sega Forever library of mobile games – the latest is the Dreamcast classic Virtua Tennis Challenge. The Sega Forever model sees the game maker releasing games from its previous console generations as free-to-play ad supported mobile games, with ...

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Sequent smartwatch features a self-charging battery

Like just about every tech device we rely on these days, the usefulness of a smartwatch is dependent on its battery life. Additionally, longer use between charges means less of a hassle. Sequent, a new smartwatch startup, is trying to address this issue head-on with a self-charging wearable that uses kinetic movement ...

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What's what with the Net Neutrality Day of Action

You’re going to see this image a lot on July 12, the Net Neutrality Day of Action. There’s one issue that Americans agree on. Regardless of income and education levels, race, gender or even whether they’re Democrats and Republicans, Americans wants strong net neutrality. Unfortunately, Trump’s picked man at the ...

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Logitech picks up gaming hardware maker Astro for $85M

Logitech is expanding its territory in the rapidly growing gaming space with the acquisition of Astro Gaming, a younger company known for their high-quality headsets. The price: a highly respectable $85 million. It’s a strategic move to get a jumpstart on the console market, which Logitech has generally ignored (they’re ...

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