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iPad review: A low-cost tablet with tremendous value

In 2010, Steve Jobs infamously sat in a comfy leather chair and slowly went through the features of the original iPad. As Jobs walked us through the Photos app, browsing the web in mobile Safari, and sending emails, one question loomed: How much will it cost? Pundits and analyst predictions ...

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The Best Gaming Keyboard for 2017

Share. One of them is just your type. By Josh Norem Picking the best keyboard is almost like picking the perfect pair of shoes – it largely comes down to personal preference. But if you’re specifically in the market for a gaming keyboard, there can be no debate – you ...

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ZTE Quartz Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET

Where to Buy ZTE Quartz Part Number: CNETZTEquartz Visit manufacturer site for details. About The Author Scott Stein is a senior editor covering iOS and laptop reviews, mobile computing, video games, and tech culture. He has previously written for both mainstream and technology enthusiast publications including Wired, Esquire.com, Men’s Journal, ...

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Shocking Liar

Buy now £12.99 This must be the best truth detector of the century! Simply strap your victim’s hand into the Shocking Liar device, follow the set-up procedure and question your victim as much as you like. If they tell a lie, the Shocking Liar will know and zap them with ...

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LeEco will not acquire TV maker Vizio as planned

Chinese electronics giant LeEco will not acquire U.S.-based TV maker Vizio as announced, the two companies said today. The deal has been hitting roadblocks according to recent reports, and now it’s officially ended as a result of “regulatory headwinds,” according to LeEco. The companies are quick to note that this ...

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How to use Amazon’s Alexa on the Huawei Mate 9

Alexa, Amazon’s artificially intelligent assistant, is spreading like wildfire. It’s in robots, vacuum cleaners, and apps coded by the more than 10,000 developers with Alexa Voice Services. More conveniently, though, it’s on a smartphone — the Huawei Mate 9. More: Need a doctor? Just talk to Alexa and its new HealthTap ...

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