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The iPhone decade: Apple's transition from Jobs to Cook

Ten years ago the then CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone to the world, changing the trajectory of the company for the next decade, and permanently changing the tech landscape. Now Apple is sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in the bank thanks to that single highly successful, ...

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I rocked out in Rock Band VR at CES and I liked it

VR is a tricky medium to do well, but Harmonix’s upcoming Rock Band VR might just be the perfect fit. The game has always been about making players feel like they’re real rock stars, living in an alternate reality where they chased their dream and actually did master the guitar ...

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How Amazon and Nvidia won CES this year

This year’s CES displayed a pretty broad mix in terms of production areas, with plenty of representation for categories ranging from wearables, to health, to VR and beyond – but the clear winners were two companies, and both succeeded primarily through partnerships than by direct demonstration of their own consumer products. ...

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Hands-On Ford GT Order Kit Includes Sample Materials

Not only is the Ford GT a limited production vehicle; Ford Performance will provide approved applicants with a unique order kit for the all-new supercar. The new Ford GT order kit is more personal than the standard vehicle configurator. The kit comes in a carbon fiber case – in the ...

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Dish combines over-the-air and internet video

Dish started out as a satellite TV provider, but they have bigger plans now. Their new AirTV combines over-the-air (OTA) products and services with internet streaming video for an affordable mix of old-fashioned television and streaming. Dish wants you to watch both your OTA and internet streaming TV on its ...

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Hackers successfully add games to the NES Classic Edition

The greatest hope of retro gamers and the greatest fear of Nintendo have been met simultaneously: The immensely popular NES Classic Edition has been hacked and its 30-game library augmented with new and even homebrewed titles. Hacking has been ongoing since the release of the device, but this is the ...

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