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Fortnite had a $296 million April

Just how big is Fortnite? Very big. Very, very big. $296 million in April, big. That’s according to SuperData Research (via The Verge), a service that tracks digital game sales. The number, which includes sales from the console, mobile and PC versions of the game, is up $73 million from ...

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Ask Engadget: Is Instagram creeping on my kid?

Edgar AlvarezSenior Editor That’s a great question. And it’s funny you ask that now because earlier this month, Facebook announced that it will start using its artificial intelligence tech to identify billions of images on Instagram, including food and other items. As far as we know, the company isn’t using ...

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God Of War Sells Over Five Million Copies

The newest God of War has sold over five million copies, according to Sony, making it the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive. The news comes from Sony’s Investor’s Relations Day report, where the company is more than happy to tell its stockholders how well they are doing. The new PlayStation ...

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