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Belarus becomes first country to make IPv6 mandatory for ISPs

Ex-Soviet state Belarus becomes cryptocurrency powerhouse Europe’s last dictatorship wants to promote itself as a forward-thinking technology-powered nation. Belarus has become the first country in the world to legally mandate support for IPv6 — the latest version of the Internet Protocol, the glue that keeps the whole internet together. Starting ...

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Surprise! Your new iPhone 11 can break if you drop it

A lineup of broken iPhone 11 handsets SquareTrade It will come as absolutely no surprise to you to hear that the new iPhone 11 can break if you manhandle it or drop it on hard ground. However, testing carried out by protection plan provider SquareTrade did find an improvement in ...

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Microsoft: We're bringing high-speed broadband to 9 million in US hotspots

Digital divide between urban and rural America: Microsoft challenges FCC numbers US has “no accurate, comprehensive, and public estimate of broadband coverage”, Microsoft tells lawmakers. Microsoft is partnering with Texas-based ISP Nextlink Internet to bring high-speed broadband to under-served rural areas in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The ...

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