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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

The Parker Solar Probe will help us better understand solar winds and space weather.NASA will try to launch its solar probe again on Sunday The Parker Solar Probe will go closer to the massive ball of gas and plasma keeping our solar system together than any other spacecraft has gone ...

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Ask Engadget: Do I buy, build… or both?

Devindra HardawarSenior Editor As tempting as it is to roll up your sleeves and put a desktop together, I wouldn’t recommend relying on one as your primary computer when you leave high school. You’ll want something to bring to class and study sessions, and you’ll find yourself spending a lot ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review

There are no secrets in consumer electronics anymore. Sometimes it’s the fault of flubs and flaws and leakers. Sometimes it’s by design. In the case of the Galaxy Note 9, it’s a little bit of both. The Galaxy S9 wasn’t the blockbuster Samsung’s shareholders were expecting, so the company understandably ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pricing in Australia

Samsung and Australia’s three carriers — Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone Australia — have unveiled their Galaxy Note 9 pricing alongside pre-orders from August 10 ahead of launch on August 24. The Galaxy Note 9 costs AU$1,499 outright from Samsung for both models if pre-ordering the handset, after which the 512GB ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: an AR Emojireview

Hi, I wrote a 3K word review of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. But you’re busy and it’s the weekend. I get it. For the sake of saving time, here’s a distilled version, narrated by the magic of the company’s deeply troubling AR Emoji version of me. Design Battery ...

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