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Best VPN service in 2021: Safe and fast don't come free

If finding the best VPN for your needs was a simple matter of comparing prices and features, this guide would not be essential reading. The fact is you won’t find the right VPN without first understanding how a VPN service accomplishes its primary mission: keeping you safe online. Fundamentally, most ...

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NBN pauses weekly numbers due to new HFC connection stop

Image: Chris Duckett/ZDNet The company responsible for the National Broadband Network has said it will be reviewing its generally reliable weekly release of rollout statistics, as it pinned the blame on the recent HFC pause. “The Weekly Progress Report (Build) is currently being reviewed by NBN Co for any impacts ...

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Hey, Siri, what happened to you? – CNET

I remember the introduction of Siri on the iPhone 4S way back when. This was going to be a magic Apple feature that no one could ever catch up to. Instead of having to dig through settings and apps, you could just talk to your iPhone. Competitors, however, soon popped ...

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