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The argument for and against Facebook Messenger Day

The stakes are high as Facebook gambles its messaging user base on a bet to beat Snapchat at its own game. Some people are downright pissed that Facebook would “ruin” Messenger by forcing messy social media into a clean chat app for a chance at glory and riches. Yet there’s ...

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See you tonight at the New York Micro-Meetup

 In preparation for Disrupt New York in May I’m going to hold a few pitching workshops in New York for you all. We’ll listen to and critique 8 pitches on March 13th at 7pm at the Knotel space at 22 West 38th Street, 4th Floor. This is an informal pitch-off, ...

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After Math: Keep pace in the space race

It's been a productive week for those of us trying to get the hell off this crazy planet. NASA showed off a radiation-proof flight vest for interplanetary astronauts while Blue Origin debuted its latest rocket engine and previewed its upcoming New Gl… Source link

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The best dehumidifier

Who needs a dehumidifier Dehumidifiers are not a cure for a humid living space or damp basement; they are a convenient, affordable way to lessen the symptoms until you can take on the big, often expensive fix of the underlying issues. Constant moisture is a problem in homes for many ...

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Every Power Cell Location in Horizon Zero Dawn

This page contains the hidden Power Cell locations in Horizon Zero Dawn. Finding these items and completing the side quest Ancient Armory will unlock the powerful Shield Weaver armor, which renders Aloy nearly invincible for a time while wearing it. The power cells are presented below in the chronological order ...

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