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iOS 12.1 will come with new emojis

Apple is about to release the public beta version of iOS 12.1. And before everybody freaks out, the company announced that this update will feature new emojis — best feature update ever. In other words, Apple is releasing its own take on Unicode 11.0 emojis. Other devices and major services ...

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The next Windows 10 update is focused on your phone

It might seem strange to see Microsoft putting its hooks into Apple and Google’s mobile platforms, but it’s the continuation of a trend we’ve been seeing since Satya Nadella took charge as CEO. Now that the company has given up on its own floundering mobile OS, it’s focused on making ...

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New Fortnite Event Gives You Saturday Night Fever

Dancing has become a big part of Fortnite’s cultural umbrella, with dances popularized by the game being seen on both worldwide stages and in local dance classes. Epic, who is definitely not afraid to get silly with the their mega-popular game, is leaning into the reputation with a time-limited dance mode. ...

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The Morning After: Google's new game console is… Chrome?

Dual-screen Surface?What Microsoft might unveil at its Surface event (and what it should) This afternoon, Microsoft will show off its next wave of devices at a New York City press gathering. We’re expecting some overdue upgrades for the Surface Laptop, Pro and Book. But it’s also the perfect opportunity for ...

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