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Can't log in to Google? Services reported down for some users

The mysterious outage that knocked out EU’s Galileo GPS services for a week Galileo Initial Services have been restored, days after an equipment malfunction caused the outage. On Monday afternoon in the United States internet administrators started reporting on the internet outages list that users were unable to log in ...

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Apple's warning: Break Safari's web-tracking rules and we'll hit back

iTunes customers sue Apple for allegedly selling their data The lawsuit claims that Apple has violated the privacy of its users in the quest for profit. Apple’s Safari WebKit team has posted its official policy on web-tracking prevention, which it implemented in Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) technology. ITP broadly ...

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How China, Brexit, and the US derailed global 5G wireless

The game of 5G and geopolitics: What’s at stake? The world’s most promising technology platform has become the grand prize in a game of global trade war. As China seizes prime platform territory, US allies find themselves caught in the crossfire. ZDNet’s Scott Fulton sits down with TechRepublic’s Karen Roby ...

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