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How to convert a PDF to EPUB

The PDF is a versatile file type which can handle both images and text well on a variety of devices. Not every one displays them as well as others, though, and in the case of ebook readers, there are often better options. With that in mind, in this guide, we’ll ...

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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Take that, iOS.Google’s Measure app comes to all ARCore-compatible Android phones Google Measure, the digital substitute app for anyone who doesn’t own a physical tape measure, has just received a much needed update. In contrast to the earlier version — which was limited to Google’s augmented reality (AR) platform Tango ...

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Open source sustainability

Open source sustainability has been nothing short of an oxymoron. Engineers around the world pour their sweat and frankly, their hearts into these passion projects that undergird all software in the modern internet economy. In exchange, they ask for nothing in return except for recognition and help in keeping their ...

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