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Tesla Hints at Upcoming Tesla Network Ridesharing Program

Tesla Motor’s new second-generation Autopilot Hardware 2 suite of autonomous driving tech many have been the company’s biggest announcement this week, but the leading electric vehicle manufactures also hinted at its future Tesla Network ridesharing program,, which was briefly mentioned at the bottom of the webpage about the new autonomous driving hardware. ...

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AT&T to buy Time Warner for $85.4 billion

AT&T plots the content for its DirectTV Now OTT service (Image: AT&T). AT&T announced on Saturday it has entered an agreement to acquire Time Warner in a half stock and half cash deal valued at $85.4 billion. The deal allows AT&T to push video to its millions of wireless, U-verse ...

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Heading for a national healthcare wallet

Later this year, Anthem, Cigna, Aetna and Humana will all argue their respective mergers don’t run afoul of antitrust laws. Aetna also announced it was pulling out of 538 of the 778 county health insurance exchanges in 2017 due to lack of profit potential. After a honeymoon period, corporate healthcare ...

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EV Automaker Atieva is Now Lucid, Teaser Photos Revealed

Electric car startup Atieva recently unveiled teaser photos of its upcoming production car and announced it has changed the company’s name to Lucid. The news comes a week after the discovery of an image depicting what could be Lucid’s future sedan dubbed “Atvus.” Lucid hasn’t confirmed the Atvus name, but ...

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​Dyn DDoS part 2: The hackers strike back

A massive DDoS is making October 21 a bad day for many internet users around the world. (Image: Akamai) I told you so. I warned you we were on the verge of attacks that could knock the internet off, and now we’re seeing the first of them. Dyn, a major ...

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