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Google nixes Nexus, announces no new Android tablet

CNET Google’s hardware event today was arguably as noteworthy for what wasn’t announced as what was. While it launched a pair of new smartphones, a new Chromecast streamer, an Amazon Echo competitor, and a budget-priced VR headset, none of them carried the Nexus name. Nexus has long been synonymous with ...

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While world watches iPhone 7, Apple quietly updates iPad range

Apple’s new US pricing for the iPad removes the 16GB option. Apple might not have mentioned the iPad at yesterday’s iPhone 7 and Watch 2 launch, but the company quietly reshuffled its existing iPad lineup, introducing more affordable storage and killing off 16GB options. Just as Apple made 32GB as ...

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Blackberry bows out of making its own hardware

 Former smartphone giant Blackberry has said it will no longer manufacture its own devices. Instead it intends to outsource hardware making to development partners, although the core focus of its business is firmly on software services at this point. Read More Source link

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​iPhone 7 Plus claimed to have exploded, too

A Reddit user has posted photos of a badly burnt phone that allegedly is the iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone 7 Plus review Perfecting the 6s Plus with water resistance, dual cameras,lightning performance The iPhone 7 Plus is the best iPhone, as it should be. Read More The user, called kroopthesnoop, ...

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​Death of the internet: GIF at 11

People have been talking about the internet crashing for as long as there has been an internet. The use of the 1980s graphic format “GIF” for the common phrase used to describe “Death of the internet: GIF at 11” tells you that. We’ve always been scared of it, but today ...

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