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There is no IoT

There’s a general malaise growing around IoT. After years of hype, more hype and even more hype, people are now starting to wonder: Where is this shiny, artificially intelligent, fully connected future of things we were promised? Certainly a botnet of hacked IoT devices launching one of the largest DDoS attacks ever ...

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2016 Los Angeles Auto Show Hits, Misses and Revelations

LOS ANGELES, California – We admit, the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show turned out to be more relevant than expected, though we could have done without the whole day full of “Automobility” conferences, which consisted primarily of Silicon Valley types showing off their latest apps. Seriously, when did the automotive ...

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How data science and rocket science will get humans to Mars

In a recent op-ed to CNN, President Obama re-affirmed America’s commitment to sending a manned mission to Mars. Think your data science challenges are too complicated? Imagine the difficulties involved in mining data to understand the health impacts of an expedition to Mars. What happens to astronauts’ muscle tone or lung ...

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Dream Theater: 2016 Jaguar F-Type SVR

When you have the keys to something like the 2016 Jaguar F-Type SVR, you don’t lament insomnia. You embrace it. When everyone is asleep in their beds, the streets are free of traffic, left lane hoggers, and bicyclists that won’t get out of the way. The night is not only ...

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​When to use NGINX instead of Apache

Apache is the top web server, but NGINX continues to gain and Microsoft IIS falls below 10 percent for the first time in decades. NGINX has risen to become the number two web server. It surpassed Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) long ago and has been creeping up on long-time ...

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