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Apple's iPhone event by the numbers

240 characters at a time: Some poor intern over at Twitter was having a rough morning, having to transcribe Apple’s big iPhone event into the service’s livestream and whatnot.

2 SIMS: For globetrotters and jet-setters and many people looking to juggle phone numbers and cheaper talk/data deals, having a separate SIM card for foreign destinations as well as one for local use has been the dream. Apple’s latest lineup of flagship smartphones won’t just be sporting the highly anticipated eSIM technology but also have ports for two — count em, two — physical SIM cards. Paris, here we come.

$750: That’s what Apple considers “affordable.”

$9: That’s what Apple considers a fair price for an adapter cable that you only need because the company eliminated the headphone jack in order to charge you extra for an adapter cable.

2 billion devices shipped: In case you haven’t noticed, Apple’s iOS products are very, very popular.

34-ish percent bigger displays: If you’ve been holding off getting a smartwatch, your waiting days are over. The Series 4 Watch has it all: bigger displays, louder speakers, and an 18-hour battery life.

Follow all the latest news from Apple’s 2018 iPhone event here!

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